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How Much Is Ashely Qualls’ Net Worth?

Ashley Qualls, an American-born online entrepreneur, gained the handsome sum of millions of dollars before she reached 20. As the creator and owner of the website, featuring on free Myspace layouts and HTML tutorials, Qualls built her stairway to the list young millionaire entrepreneurs.

As of 2019, Ashely owns the net worth in the 7-digit figure, estimated to be around $8 million. Besides this, she also works as freelance writer, designer, and marketing consultant which aids additional revenue in her worth.

Ashely Qualls’ Net Worth: Income Sources & Earnings

Well, Qualls began her career at the tender age of 14, when she started the website as a hobby in 2004 that provided free Myspace layouts and HTML tutorials.

Soon, the website flooded with ad revenue which led the income of $70,000 in the first month. It proved to be a very huge outcome upon the $8 loan from her mother, to ignite the startup.

By the time, Ashley Qualls was 17, her website had already 7 million unique visitors a month and made up to $1 million per year through ad revenue in 2007.

According to various online sources, Qualls has an estimated net worth of around $8 million as of May 2019. The major source of her income is her website venture and later career as a freelance writer and graphic designer.

Creator of, Ashley Qualls owns around $8 million net worth
Creator of, Ashley Qualls owns around $8 million net worth

Most often, Ashely’s fortune is compared with the entrepreneurs who became millionaire at a young age: CEO of The Global Group and Flare Consulting Partners, Jaylen Bledsoe (owns $10 million net worth), founder Juliette Brindak ($15 million), and Founder of, Sean Belnick ($42 million).

Freelance Writer, Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant

Alongside from running her website, Ashely Qualls also works as a freelance writer since June 2009 and is a web content writer for Writer Access since June 2014.

In addition to that, she is the founder and CEO of RAAQ Consulting (established in May 2017); it focuses on graphic design, print design, marketing, and advertising strategies.

Ashley Qualls, an American entrepreneur also makes additional revenue from freelancing
Ashley Qualls, an American entrepreneur also makes additional revenue from freelancing

Though Qualls is yet to open up about her earnings or salary, she certainly has got hands over massive hundred thousand or even millions of dollars.

Did you know? The American entrepreneur Ashley was offered a bid of $1.5 million for her website along with a car of her choice but turned it down. Online sources cite that she has denied the overall offer of $5 million.

Any Endorsement & Charity?

Meanwhile, the American businesswoman is not reported to have any endorsements but has the potential to lure massive money showering deals.

As one of the influential young entrepreneurs, Ashely Qualls can command thousand or tens of thousand dollars through commercials and brand promotions but likes to stick with her venture instead.

She is an avid user of Twitter with over 8.9K followers while her Instagram followers stand with a count of 445 only.

Well, Ashley Qualls is also active in charity works and has participated in many fundraising events.

As per her Linkedin profile, she is the Editor in Chief of Lucky Soul; the inspirational brand grants need and wishes for the needy children.

Moreover, in April 2016, Ashely founded Sick Not Dead, providing resources and places to those in need to vent and share their stories. Ultimately, the foundation provides aid to the one suffering from autoimmune, chronic illness, depression, and anxiety.

Assets, Lifestyle & Expenses

Currently, Ashley lives in her house in Southgate, Michigan the United States. As reported, she bought the Michigan house back in September 2006 for $250,000.

Well, the median price of a house in Michigan is $151,700 which is accompanied by the house insurance premium of $908 per year.

Surely as a millionaire, Ashley Qualls lives a lavish lifestyle and owns an extensive property empire, however, is yet to disclose any including her cars and her collections.

Aside from her expenses on assets, she also makes huge expenditure on her daily life luxury, costly clothing, and travels.

Tax Payments

The issue of tax payment does top the list of celebrity’s expenses most often. Living and owning a property in Southgate, Michigan, Ashely is liable to property tax and income tax.

As reported, her house seeks around 2.815% of its assessed value as property tax, while the income tax snatches away $185,400 upon her annual revenue of $500,000.

Ashely Qualls’ Personal Life: Age, Education, Family, Disease & Relationship

Ashley Qualls was born on June 4, 1990, in Lincoln Park, Michigan, in an American family. After her parents divorced, she was raised by her single mother alongside younger sister Shelby in a one-bedroom apartment.

After Qualls began her business venture through her website, the course of her life changed.

She holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity. As of May 2019, Ashely’s age is 28.

Regarding her educational qualification, Ashley Qualls studied Graphic Design at Henry Ford Community College from 2006 to 2008. Then, in 2010, she joined the University of Metaphysical Sciences till 2012.

Later in 2016, Ashley enrolled at Duke University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience in 2019.

Relationship & Disease

Well, the American entrepreneur has never talked much about her love life but is alleged to be married. No report on her current relationship status or husband is out.

Back in 2009, she began to experience gastrointestinal issues, and later got diagnosed with autoimmune disease. In one of her interviews, Ashley talked about the loss of her house and business due to her degrading physical inability, where she also mentioned about her miscarriage too.

Currently, Ashley Qualls follows a healthy life and enjoys the blissful boon of her success.

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