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home gossip Rivalry Between Two Legends: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi: Goals, Stats, Hat-tricks, Awards, Net Worth, Personal Life

Rivalry Between Two Legends: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi: Goals, Stats, Hat-tricks, Awards, Net Worth, Personal Life

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By
Rivalry Between Two Legends: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi: Goals, Stats, Hat-tricks, Awards, Net Worth, Personal Life

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: The Football Rivalry Of Two Legends

The soccer world is now ruled by two giants: Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. Both of them have impressive stats, huge net worth and remarkable playing style.

The football rivalry between these two nemeses have eye to eye competition in every field including net worth, wins, and goals. They do not only have on field competition but are having a neck to neck competition off the field too.

Indeed the two top-notch rivals are the king of the football world, but it is always fun to compare them.

Net Worth Comparison

As of 2019, Ronaldo is estimated to have a net worth of $400 million whereas Messi is claimed to have a net worth of $460 million. As of them belongs to the same industry, they mainly earn from their club salaries, contracts, and bonus.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: The Football Rivalry
Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: The Football Rivalry

According to the reliable online source, Lionel Messi has ranked #1 on the list of highest-paid athletes of 2019 with the earnings of around $127 million followed by footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 million) and Neymar ($105 million).

Career Comparision

Career StatsRonaldoMessi
Club Statistics601806603687
International Statistics8515665129

Other Income Sources

Endorsements Deals:

Besides their eminent career, they also earn from their lucrative agreements and endorsement deals. Here is the list of the most popular endorsements of:

Coca ColaPepsi

A source reported that Messi earns an average of around $19 million to $30 million per year from endorsements deals while Ronaldo makes approximately $20 million to $47 million annually from the lucrative infomercials contracts.

Messi has sealed a lifetime deal with Adidas for $12 million and similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo has a permanent lifetime contract with Nike of around $1 billion.

Did You Know? Nike has signed the lifetime contract with three players to date including Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Business Ventures And Investments:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi both have their own business ventures.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the proud owner of his own brand, CR7. Likewise, he owns his own fragrance line, underwear line, fashion line, footwear line which goes by the name CR7. A source reported his earnings from the business ventures to be $40 million to $50 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: Net Worth Comapred
Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi: Net Worth Comapred

In the like manner, Lionel Messi has the venture of luxury hotels that runs under the firm named MiM. MiM was launched by Messi in partnership with his fellow footballer Luis Suarez. He owns hotels like Hotel Es Vive ($633 million), The Argentinian International ($31.3 million), an many others.

Ronaldo’s investments in hotels like the Pestana Hotel has returned him approximately $52 million back in 2017. On the other hand, Messi also earns huge by investing in the number of properties across France.

AssetsCristiano RonaldoLionel Messi
HouseSpanish Villa, Madrid (57.9 million)Football Shaped Home, Spain ($7.5 million)
Car Collection$10 million Cars collection: Bugatti Chiron($3 million)$3.2 million Cars collection: Pagani Zonda Roadster ($1.8 million)
JetCR7 private jet: Gulfstream G650 ($35.6 million to $65 million)Messi private jet ($25.9 million to $29.5 million)
Tax Fraud$4.5 million to $5.6 million$15.6 million to $18.7 million
Insurance$838 million leg insurance$144 million leg insurance
Health Problemracing heart aka TachycardiaGrowth Hormone Deficiency
Golden Boots46

Race Against One Another:

As of May 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have competed against each other in around 35 games. And the results are as follows

Matches Played35
Messi wins16
Ronaldo wins10
Messi Goals21
Ronaldo Goals19

Well, it is up to you. You Decide, Who wins.

Ronaldo And Messi Stats
Ronaldo And Messi Stats

Personal Life Of Ronaldo And Messi

Lionel Messi- Lionel Messi aka Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini was born on 24 June 1987 to parents; father Jorge Messi and mother Celia. He is 32 years old man holding Argentine Nationality and mixed ethnicity.

Messi with his wife Antonella
Lionel Messi and his wife.

Lionel Messi has been married to his girlfriend-turned-wife Antonella Roccuzzo since 30 June 2017. They started dating in 2008. The couple is blessed with three children; Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, Mateo and Ciro.

Cristiano Ronaldo- Cristiano Ronaldo aka Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on 5 February 1985 to parents; father José Dinis Aveiro and mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro. He is 34 years old and holds Portuguese nationality. He belongs to the mixed ethnic group.

Cristiano Ronaldo is unmarried. If we believe the online sources, he is reported to be engaged to his longtime girlfriend Rodriguez. His future wife is a former employee of a Gucci Store. With her, Ronaldo is blessed with daughter Alan Martina. He has other three children Cristiano Jr., Eva Maria, and son Mateo.

Fun fact: Both Leo and Ronaldo have named their son Mateo.

The Leo-CR7 Rivalry

Back in 2015, Ronaldo commented on the rivalry stating "I think we push each other sometimes in the competition, this is why the competition is so high."

The Leo-CR7 Rivalary - A fan made hoax
The Leo-CR7 Rivalry - A fan made hoax

In the response of the question about rivalry, denying the alleged feud Messi replied, "only the media, the press, who wants us to be at loggerheads but I've never fought with Cristiano."

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