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How Much Is Young Entrepreneur Jaylen Bledsoe’s Net Worth?

Jaylen Bledsoe, an American entrepreneur is among the young millionaires who amazed the world with his business ideas. Bledsoe became the talk of the world after founding Bledsoe Technologies, an IT company at the age of 12, which became worth $3.5 million by the age of 15.

Currently, the American businessman serves as the CEO of The Global Group and Flare Consulting Partners. Sources report that Jaylen has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. Get details on Jaylen Bledsoe’s net worth, asset, business venture, lifestyle and personal life.

Jaylen Bledsoe’s Net Worth: Income Sources, Salary, & Earnings

Bledsoe has become an inspirational figure to many youths, with his venture from start-up to a big company, worth multi-million dollars.

As of May 2019, the exact net worth of Jaylen Bledsoe is not out but is claimed to own a fortune of $10 million from his business venture. The credit of the main source of Bledsoe's income is his initial foundation Bledsoe Technologies.

Jaylen Bledsoe, a young American entrepreneur owns around $10 million net worth
Jaylen Bledsoe, a young American entrepreneur owns around $10 million net worth

At the age of 12, as the attendant of Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School, Jaylen founded Bledsoe Technologies, an information technology consulting company.

The company grew up into a global enterprise in just 3 years to The Global Group, where he serves as the CEO since March 2012. Also, Bledsoe is also the CEO of Flare Consulting Partners since March 2015.

Even if the earnings detail of Jaylen Bledsoe is not out, he is thought to pocket million dollars revenue per year.

Business Venture & Worth

Back in 2014, The Global Group was reported to be worth $3.5 million, while reaching to 2019 was reported to be worth $10 million. Initially, starting with 150 employees on a $100 investment, Jaylen’s global enterprise has now over 300+ workers.

As per his Linkedin Profile, the American entrepreneur’s company led negotiations and financing of $1.6M in rental real estate acquisitions.

Jaylen Bledsoe is currently serving as the CEO of The Global Group
Jaylen Bledsoe is currently serving as the CEO of The Global Group

Moreover, Jaylen is the CEO of Flare Consulting Partners, a full-service consulting agency focused on innovative strategies for growth to Fortune 500 Companies and Celebrities.

The company established in March 2015 is reported to have generated a revenue of $180 million till date.

Furthermore, with monetization strategies Flare Consulting Partners also generating $25 million additional revenue for clients from 2016-2017.

Endorsement & Instagram Earnings

Meanwhile, Jaylen Beldsoe’s endorsement and other sponsorships deal and earnings are not out. But can sum a chunk of dollars, as an inspiration and influential figure as a young millionaire.

Also, Bledsoe is active on Instagram and Twitter with over 3.4K and 10.1K followers, which can sum up sponsorship deal per post.

As per Influencer Marketing Hub, he can sum up to $39 - $65 per sponsored post.

Assets, Lifestyle & Expenses

Owning such a hefty fortune of multi-million dollars, Jaylen surely lives a lavish lifestyle and has jaw-dropping property empire. However, likes to keep his daily life details low-key as possible.

Sources report that the American entrepreneur currently lives in his house in St. Louis, Missouri. Well, the purchase detail of his house is not out but is estimated to be worth hundreds of thousand dollars.

For a fact, the average house price in St. Louis is $182,000-$200,000.

Meanwhile, Jaylen Bledsoe’s car collection is not disclosed, but certainly has a list of luxurious cars.

Well, Bledsoe’s fond of traveling makes huge expenses on his visits to different places as well as spends on costly clothes and daily life luxury.

Did you know? While on a vacation in Florida, Jaylen bought textbooks on hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and hypertext preprocessor (PHP) code worth $200.

Tax & Insurance

As a property owner in St. Louis, Missouri, Jaylen has to pay 1.339% of the asset’s market value as property tax, accompanied by a house insurance premium of $1,200.

Apart from that, the young millionaire has to pay $418,600 as income tax upon the annual revenue of $1 million; the tax is inclusive of 33.12% Federal tax, 2.97% FICA and 5.78% State tax.

Charity Works

Alongside business venture, Jaylen is also active in charity works. He is the founder of Bledsoe Foundation, founded in January 2017.

The charity foundation focuses to provide opportunities to at-risk youth and young adults with adequate education and resources to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Jaylen Bledsoe’s Personal Details: Age, Education & Family

Jaylen Bledsoe was born in 1999 in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States. The information on Bledsoe’s parents and family details is not out but was reportedly raised by single mother.

He holds American nationality and is of black ethnicity.

He attended Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School in Missouri. In his interview, Jaylen stated his desire to attend undergraduate school at Vanderbilt University and then obtain a degree from Harvard University.

As of May 2019, Jay Bledsoe’s age is 19.

Meanwhile, the American entrepreneur is not married. But, the information on his relationship status: girlfriend or dating is not out.

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