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Facts of Jk Rowling Networth

Full NameJK Rowling
First NameJK
Last NameRowling
Birth NameJoanne rowling
Birth CityYate
Birth CountryUK
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNeil Murray
No Of Children3
Height165 cm
Networth$1 B
Date of BirthJuly 31,1965
Age54 years
Married DateDecember 6,2001

What Is The Net Worth Of JK Rowling?

JK Rowling is a British writer and author best known for being the creator of the Harry Potter novel series with a net worth of roughly $1 billion. Her Harry Potter franchise is the best selling book series of all time selling over 400 million copies worldwide. The books have been adapted to a popular film series of the same name. She also writes other books under another pen name, Robert Galbraith.

She is also an active philanthropist, Forbes removed her from their billionaire list after she donated a record-breaking $160 million to charity. She was ranked 197th wealthiest person and 13th most powerful woman in the UK.

Net Worth Details: Income Sources, Salary, And Earnings

JK Rowling's massive net worth of almost a billion dollars comes from her book sales. The Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million units worldwide, making it the best selling book series of all time. She started writing the first book during the 'lowest time' of her life. Not knowing what to do and how to support her daughter, she began typewriting the book in the restaurant the elephant house on 1994, when she was living solely on benefits.

After her manuscript was completed in 1995, she reached out to 12 publication houses, all of which rejected her claim that the market was too small for children novels. Finally, Bloomsbury, a relatively new publication house at the time accepted her manuscript after the owner's 8-year-old daughter loved the first chapter.

The first pressed cover of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone under the pen name JK Rowling was released on June 1997 with 1000 initial copies; 500 of them being sold to libraries. These first editions go for around $25,000 to $40,000, with the highest of them being sold at auction for $80,000.

The book was released on October in the US by Scholastic inc. who bought distribution rights for $105,000. She moved onto a different flat with the money and started to work on the sequels.

Harry Potter book sales

The sequels upon release broke all previous records, especially in the US. After the release of Goblet of Fire, she was named the author of the year in 2000 by British Book Awards. The sixth book, Half-Blood Prince, sold 9 million copies in upon release, breaking the previous record set by the 4th book and also received Book of the Year award.

The seventh and final book, The Deathly Hallows was released on July 2st 2007, upon which it broke the record set by its predecessor, selling 11 million copies in the first day of release. She revealed that the book's final chapter was one of the earliest things she wrote for the series.

Joanne with Rupert, Emma and Harry

Her books earned an estimated revenue of $7.7 billion out of which 15% of the revenue($1.15 billion) went to her as author's cut which made Joanne the richest author of all time. After her books were adapted into massive movies, the profit totaled to be around $6.5 billion of which she received a 10% cut; $650 million.

She has revealed that she herself cast Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Coltrane, and Alan Rickman as Ron, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid, and Snape respectively, that she found it extremely important that the characters were exactly how she portrayed them to be.

Besides her Harry Potter books, she also writes non-fiction under the name Robert Galbraith which has raised a further revenue of $50 million.

A prequel spinoff series based on Harry Potter; Fantastic Beasts has 2 movies released so far with Johnny Depp portraying Grindelwald.

Fun fact: Joanne also likes to reply to her fans' tweets that are mostly trivia and debate regarding Harry Potter topics.

Joanne's Assets: House, Cars, Lifestyle, And Expenses

Rowling acquired the title of Laird of Killiechassie in 2001 when she purchased the historic Killiechassie House, and its surrounding estate situated on the banks of the River Tay, near Aberfeldy, 75 miles north of Edinburgh.

She moved there after much scrutiny from the public and the media. Rowling also owns a £4.5 million Georgian house in Kensington, west London, on a street with 24-hour security.

Joanne's London home

She also owns 3 high-value vehicles:

1. Tesla Model S at $40,000

2. Range Rover Sport with a market value of $86,000

3. Rolls Royce Phantom at a massive retail price of $600,000

She also owns a yacht, bought from Johnny Depp, that she has listed for either rent at $130,000 per week or buy $22 million.

Charity And Endorsements

Joanne has established two of her own charity. The first one is Lumos, an organization that helps end the institutionalization of children. Her other foundation, Volant, has recently donated $8.32 million for various causes that have benefitted children all over Africa.

Besides her own, Rowling supports 14 other organizations. She has served as an ambassador for the charity Gingerbread, and now holds the title of honorary president. Gingerbread advocates for single parents by providing them with support and advice. She is famously known for her donations, that has amounted to a net $160 million throughout her career. This makes her donations equal to 16% of her net worth.

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone front cover

Rowling is endorsed by Bloomsbury productions and Scholastic Inc.

Tax And Insurance

The exact details of JK Rowling's Tax and Insurance are not public knowledge, but based on her net worth and earnings, it can be assumed that she has all of her tax and insurance needs met.

JK Rowling's Personal Life: Full Name, Education, Relationships

JK Rowling was born on 31st July 1965 in Yate, the UK to parents Peter James Rowling and Anne Volant. Her father was an engineer for Rolls Royce aircraft and her mother was a science technician.

She has a younger sister, Dianne Rowling, to whom she used to write stories. She grew up in winterbourne and church cottage. Rowling has reflected her teenage years to be unhappy due to her mother's fight with multiple sclerosis and an estranged relationship with her father.

She attended Wyedean School and College and graduated from the University of Exeter.

She got married to Portuguese journalist, Jorge Arantes on 16th October 1992 and on 27th July 1993, their first child, Jessica Isabelle Rowling Arantes was born. She separated from her husband on November of 1993 and left for Edinburgh, Scotland with her infant daughter to live near her sister. Her husband then found her in Scotland which left Rowling in despair but got a restraining order against him.

Joanne with her husband Neil

On December 26, 2001, J.K. Rowling married anesthetist Dr. Neil Murray privately at the couple's home in Scotland. They have two children together, David (born in 2003) and Mackenzie (born in 2005).

JK Rowling stands at a height of 165cm. She is 52 years old.

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