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Facts of Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson, an American comedian, and an actor is a 3 times nominee for Primetime Emmy Award. Making his career journey from the TV series All That (in the 1990s), Thompson, currently is the cast member of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL) that earns him a huge sum.

For a fact, he is the longest-serving cast in the SNL series ever since his debut in 2003, and also is among the richest casts. Professional since 1993, Kenan Thompson owns the net worth of $11 million. Get details on Thompson’s earnings, net worth, salary, assets, expenses & personal details as well.

Kenan Thompson’s Net Worth, Income Sources: Salary From Saturday Night Live

Actively working as an actor cum comedian for over 25 years, Kenan Thompson, as of March 2019, owns $11 million net worth. Back in fall 2018, Thompson’s fortune recorded $9 million; a positive growth over the years as his overall worth in 2014 was $5 million.

Following Kenan’s debut in the Nickelodeon comedy series All That, the American actor collaborated with All That co-star Kel Mitchell to start their own sitcom. Well, their joint show Kenan & Kel ran from 1996 to 2000.

Later in 2003, Thompson joined as the cast of the NBC comedy Saturday Night Live (SNL), which proved to be million dollars generator for him.

Ever since joining SNL, Kenan has stuck tight with the show and has no signs of leaving anytime soon.

Many of us might not know, but the Emmy nominee is the longest running and only black cast in the show for now.

In 2017, he surpassed Darrell Hammond who owns $2 million, as the longest consecutive tenure of any SNL cast member.

Salary in Saturday Night Live: Cast Payroll Management

For a fact, the SNL shoots 21 episodes in a season, and for the newbies or the first-year cast in the show, the payroll is $7,000 per episode, i.e. $147,000 per season.

Similarly, on the show Saturday Night Live, the cast on their second year makes $168,000 per season, while their salary in the 5th season becomes $315,000 ($15,000 per episode).

Also, depending on popularity, SNL’s cast can make $25,000 per episode or $525,000 per year as

Sources report that Kenan Thompson active in SNL since 2003, has the potential annual salary of $2-$3 million.

Fun Fact: Former SNL cast Will Ferrell while at the peak of his career in 2001, made $370,000 per year.

Celebrity Appearance Payment in SNL

Sources report that celebrities like Justin Timberlake who made frequent in the SNL were paid $5,000 to host in the show.

Also, Alex Baldwin, who impersonates President Donald Trump in the show, makes $1,400 per appearance.

Comparison of Net Worth

In comparison, Kenan Thompson is the richest of all the existing Saturday Night Live cast. Here is the list of net worth comparison:

SNL CastNet WorthComparison with Thompson’s net worth
Cecily Strong$1 millionAround 11 times less than of Kenan
Beck Bennett$4 millionNearly 3 times less of Kenan Thompson
Michael Che$4 millionNearly 3 times less
Mikey Da$2 million$9 million lower
Leslie Jones$5 million2 times less of Kenan

Endorsement & Movie Earnings

For now, the detail on Thompson’s endorsement is not out. Reportedly, his show SNL has endorsement deals with Ford, Coca Cola, Snickers, Toyota, Microsoft and many more.

But surely, Thompson also endures many sponsorships due to his massive fame. As reported, Kenan Thompson charges around $30,000-$50,000 for bookings and speaking fee.

Aside from the TV sitcoms, Keenan Thompson has also contributed in the movies, in 25 movies so far. His highest grossing movies are:

The Smurfs (2011)Greedy Smurf (voice)$563.7 million (budget was $110 million)
The Smurfs 2 (2013)Greedy Smurf (voice)$347.5 million (over the budget of $105 million)
The Grinch (2018)Bricklebaum (voice)$511.3 million (budget was $75 million)

Assets, House, Cars, Charity, Expenses & Insurance

Currently, Kenan with his wife Christina Evangeline and 2 children divide their residence in Los Angeles and New York. Besides this, Thompson also has a house in Tampa, Florida.

Moreover, he owns an Audi Suv which costs around $50,000 to $60,000. Though, the comedian’s other expenses in property empire are yet to be out.

His property tax in Florida takes out hundreds of thousand dollars, while his income tax on his $2-$3 million salary pulls out 33.52% income tax, i.e. $723,210. On the other hand, his Florida house cost nearly the state-average insurance premium of $3,575.

Accumulating a huge net worth, Thompson lives a lavish lifestyle. Despite the busy schedule, he makes time for his family and takes his daughter to Disney Land.

He is also involved in charities.

Kenan Thomson’s Personal Details: Married Life & Children

Thompson was born on May 10, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S. to Fletcher and Elizabeth Ann Thompson. Well, he has an elder brother and a younger sister.

An American by nationality and of black ethnicity, Kenan attended Tri-Cities High School, an art school.

Kenan Thompson is happily married to his model wife Christina Evangeline since November 11, 2011. The couple shares 2 daughters together: Geogria Marie (June 20, 2014) and Gianna Michelle (July 31, 2018).

As of March 2019, Kenan Thompson’s age is 40 and has a height of 5ft 8 inches.

Did you know? Kenan and actress Corri English shares same birthplace and birthday.

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