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Facts of Pierre Omidyar

Full NamePierre Morad Omidyar
First NamePierre
Middle NameMorad
Last NameOmidyar
Birth NamePierre Morad Omidyar
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Founder of Multiple Companies
Birth CityParis
Birth CountryFrance
Father NameCyrus Omidyar
Mother NameElahé Mir-Djalali Omidyar
Date of BirthJune 21,1967
Age52 years
Amount$8.2 billion
Amount$8 billion
Amount$8.1 billion
Amount$9.6 billion
Amount$11.6 billion
Amount$12.7 billion

How Much Is Pierre Omidyar’s Net Worth?

World-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar has a net worth of $12.7 billion as of May 2019. He founded the e-commerce site, eBay and also acted as the commercial giant’s chairman from 1998 to 2015. He is equally known for his entrepreneurial skills as he is for his charity and welfare works.

He is also the head of the investigative reporting and public affairs news service Honolulu Civil Beat. Similarly, he also founded First Look Media and uses it as a platform for human welfare programs among other diverse content.

Regarding his philanthropic works, he has passionately helped non-profit and profit-oriented organizations, in fact, he has donated a substantial amount of his income to various charitable organizations.

Pierre Omidyar Net Worth: Income Sources, Salary, Sources, & Earnings

Pierre Omidyar’s net worth is $12.7 billion as of May 2019 according to Forbes. The primary source of his income is from the company he founded, eBay. Omidyar gathered the incredible net worth from eBay and various other companies he founded.

A photo of Pierre who has a net worth of $12.7 million
A photo of Pierre who has a net worth of $12.7 million

Some other self-made entrepreneurs are Adam Horwitz and Sean Belnick who is worth $42 million.

DateNet Worth
September 2014$8.2 billion
March 2015$8 billion
September 2015$8 billion
March 2016$7.2 billion
October 2016$8.1 billion
March 2017$8 billion
October 2017$9.6 billion
March 2018$10.5 billion
October 2018$11.6 billion
March 2019$11.4 billion
May 2019$12.7 billion

The billionaire’s net worth is less than Jack Ma, who also founded an e-commerce site, Alibaba and has a net worth of $37.6 billion as of May 2019.

He also earns from various other companies that he owns, has stakes in, or co-owns in fact he also has stakes in the globally recognized online payment system PayPal. Similarly, he also earns from various resorts that he co-owns in southern California and Mexico. He has also invested in real estate in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

eBay Earnings, Subsidiaries, Profit, Initial Phase,

Although the share percentage that he owns in eBay is dwindling down eventually he is still the owner of 7% of the company. The shares are worth millions of dollars as of May 2019. According to Inc, the website owns around 0.8% of the market share of e-commerce sites in the USA.

His brainchild, eBay earned a jaw-dropping $2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2019 alone as per data from eBay’s official website. They also reported that the total value of goods sold via the website was around $21.6 billion.

The company also generated $10.746 billion in revenue in 2018. Similarly, its net income in 2017 was around $-1.016 billion according to Wikipedia.

Likewise, the company has subsidiaries like Auction Co., eBayClassifieds, Kijiji, iBazar, GittiGidiyor, Gumtree, G-Market, StubHub,,,, etc. from which it earns a substantial amount.

After establishing the company on September 3, 1995, Pierre Omidyar, was astonished that a broken laser pointer was sold. He contacted the highest bidder via email and asked him if he knew that the laser pointer was broken, the bidder responded by telling him

"I'm a collector of broken laser pointers."

He had only started his company as a hobby and only started charging people for service after he had to upgrade his account to a business account due to the high volume of people visiting his website at the time. As of May 2019, eBay charges around 9% of the goods for items under $50.

Even as a young man he was interested in the field of computers, in 1991 he started a company called eShop which was sold for $50 million to Microsoft and he gained $1 million from the sale.

Assets, Cars, Houses, Lifestyle, Expenses,

As billionaire’s ten to do Omidyar has also spent lavishly on his houses, in fact, he has a 48,379 sq/ft mansion according to Flickr, the mansion’s value is assessed at more than $33 million.

One of Pierre's several properties
One of Pierre's several properties

He also has various resorts in Hawaii, to add to this he owns a 5800 sq ft beachfront home in Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Regarding his, cars he has a Maserati, which has a starting cost of around $68,000 to go with his extremely lavish estates.

His lifestyle is not as extravagant as billionaires' are thought to live, he mainly focuses on charity work. He is a very passionate philanthropist who regularly helps various organizations fight the good cause.

Charity, Donations & Philanthropy

Omidyar along with his wife, Pam Omidyar has established the Omidyar Network which is an organization dedicated to human welfare and humanitarian causes. The organization was established around 15 years ago in 2004 by the couple.

The organization has helped a lot of other charities and causes. They have donated more than $992 million to various for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. In 2009 the firm donated $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation.

According to various online sources they have donated to causes and areas like global health, education, economic development, humanitarian efforts, property rights, government transparency, media, and technology.

Omidyar and his wife have donated more than $160 million to their universities, and have also donated to support education in Africa and India.

They invested more than $115 million through a company called Humanity United, which was also co-founded by the couple.

Government transparency and media strength are also areas that the Omidyars are very passionate about supporting. They donated $250 million to a venture with Glenn Greenwald who address concerns like press freedom.

They have also donated in producing local produce in regions like Hawaii where they donated $50 million.

Tax & Insurance

The entrepreneur may have to pay hefty amounts in taxes due to his incredibly high income. He may have to pay income, property, and vehicle taxes.

Similarly, he may have insurance of his health, body, properties, vehicles, and houses however there is no information about the exact plans and policies on the public domain.

Pierre Omidyar’s Personal Life: Wife, Age, Education, Height, Ethnicity, Nationality,

Pierre Omidyar was born Pierre Morad Omidyar on June 21, 1967, to mother Elahé Mir-Djalali Omidyar and father, Cyrus Omidyar in Paris, France. He has Iranian heritage and is American by nationality. He moved to the USA with his family when he was just a child.

Pierre Omidyar with his wife
Pierre Omidyar with his wife

He attended The Potomac School and graduated from St. Andrew's Episcopal School. After this, he went to Tufts University and graduated with a degree in computer science in 1988. He also studied at the University of California when he was an undergraduate.

Regarding his relationships, he is married to now-wife Pamela Omidyar as of May 2019. The couple is blessed with 3 children. Pamela grew up in Hawaii and attended 'Iolani School.

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