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The 50 Billion Dollar Man Dan Pena's Extravagant Lifestyle & Financial Stature

Published Thu Oct 03 2019 By
The 50 Billion Dollar Man Dan Pena's Extravagant Lifestyle & Financial Stature

What is it like to sit on a pedestal surrounded by millions of Worshipers? While Dan Pena may not claim to be a preacher of any sort, he is well off a mentor to millions who try retrace his path in the world that is more defined by the financial accomplishments.

The founder of Quantum Leap Advantage, iZone-iHUB, and The Guthrie Group, Pena is a high-performance business coach who lives pretty parallel to the label- "The 50 Billion Dollar Man"- that he is tagged to.

With over 25 years in the world of financial mentoring, he holds an excellent track record with his super successful methodology of financial counseling and is a leading figure in the pop culture.

Well, as likely as it can be, Pena with his unprecedented level of success has also bought in all the luxuries and leads a life that perfectly remarks his discipline, hard work, and excellence.

So, what is that credits to his level of success? Let's unravel all the details on his net worth, lifestyle, and all the financial aspects of his life.

Dan Was Worth $450 Million in 1993

Dan's financial graph has exponentially grown over the years. Starting off with $820, his net worth back in 1993 was assessed at $450 million.

Founder of Quantum Leap Advantage Dan Pena
Founder of Quantum Leap Advantage Dan Pena

But in the last 25 years, the 74 years old has retained his super successful businessman status to earn a new tag as a billionaire. To be precise, Dan proudly claims himself "The 50 Million Dollar Man."

How Is Dan "The 50 Billion Dollar Man?"

Starting off as a Juvenile, Dan went on to become a millionaire in no time and in the past few decades, the millionaire in the past has become a billionaire with $50 billion in total equity. Yes!, the business coach is the owner of $50 million but not like it is conventionally.

While he is claimed to be a "50 Billion Dollar Man," the $50 billion is a conjugated revenue produced by the firms he has monitored, and his mentees in the past 25 years and not his personal owning.

While it may sound absurd to tag him as a "The Billion Dollar Man" in circumstances where his ownings are not even close to a billion-dollar, but considering the strategies he has used to rebuild a few businesses that had almost died, the tag seems well deserving. Here, are the prime examples of why Dan deserves the "Billionaire" status.

He Grew "Great Western Resources" From $820 to $450 million in 8 Years

Impractical and absurd it may sound, but Dan is the one who owns the credit to grow Great Western Resources, an oil and refinery company, from a drastic decline to measly $820 in valuation to a $450 million firm.

The company grew by 55 million percentage during the time when over 10,000 refineries collapsed following a drastic drop in the petroleum prices from $40 a barrel to $8. All this happened in the time span of just 8 years.

His Mentees Runs Successful Business Firms

Besides, mentoring a company himself, he has also mentored many who run big business in the present day. Here is the list:

  • Bruce Whipple – QLA Entrepreneur & coach
  • Klaus Kleinfeld – Serial Big Corporate Thinker
  • Ryan Sum - Mining Entrepreneur
  • Mike Dusi – Pizza Boy Turned Director/Movie Producer
  • Peter Haraz - Health Care Entrepreneur
  • Brian Rose – Host of London Real and London Live
  • Thelma Box – Creator and founder of Choices Seminar
  • Robert Maier - Energy/Property Entrepreneur
  • Dan Lok – Serial Entrepreneur and Millionaire Mentor
  • Ron LeGrand – Former Auto Mechanic Turned Real Estate Millionaire
  • Shawn Casey – Lawyer Turned CEO Turned Internet Marketing Guru
  • Matt Pocius – Youngest, Highest paid Internet marketing consultant in the world
  • Roberto Mang - Retail Entrepreneur
  • Michael Pilarczyk – Personal Performance Teacher
  • Markus Bauer - Property Entrepreneur
  • Josh Kim – Former Teenage Phenom Kid and now Multimillionare

Well, he credits QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) as his revolutionary method of financial prosperity and his tool to perfect financial growth.

But what is QLA and how has he used it in business? Let's find out.

What is Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA)?

Quantum Leap Advantage is a principle developed by Dan Pena that promotes mutual growth in a business.

Dan Peña during a QLA Program
Dan Peña during a QLA Program

The strategy applied in the based on the principal makes sure the business does not harm their business while still benefitting other individuals.

Five Lessons Applied Based on QLA

Here are five lessons that need to be applied on a business to acquire the benefit.

  • One should be obsessed with his/her dream
  • One should look for mutual growth
  • Pay yourself to keep on the enthusiasm to work hard
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Assess the wrong and the right

Dan Owns a House in Angus Scotland

Dan owns several houses across the world including one in Angus Scotland, Guthrie Castle. The house was initially built in the 15th century and was later renovated partially in the 19th century.

Dan Pena owns a 400 years old Guthrie Castle in Angus Scotland that was owned by the Guthrie family
Dan Pena owns a 400 years old Guthrie Castle in Angus Scotland that was owned by the Guthrie family

Dan bought Guthrie Castle in 1984 from the Guthrie family who had been living in the house for the last 400 years.

After restructuring the house, Dan opened the house for the purpose of hosting weddings and corporate functions for 15 years starting in 2003.

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