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Facts of Tyler Dikman

Full NameTyler Dikman

How Much Is Tyler Dikman's Net Worth?

Tyler Dikman is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world with a net worth in the millions. From a very early age, he worked very hard towards his goal and became a millionaire by the age of 17.

Dikman is the owner and CEO of various companies including CoolTronics which was his original venture. He was interested in business from a very early age and would keep lemonade stands from the age of five. The young entrepreneur made his way into the business world very slowly and made himself a millionaire.

His companies earn millions of dollars every year and they are the main source of his income. The self-made millionaire is currently the CEO of LoungeBuddy and has been at the company since 2013.

Tyler Dikman Net Worth: Career Highlight, Income Source & Earnings

Dikman aspired to be a businessman from an early age and started selling lemonade from his stands from the age of five.

He then put a lot of research and effort into his dream and started his company, CoolTronics at the age of fifteen.

The self made millionaire Dikman at his office
The self made millionaire Dikman at his office

His startup would eventually become one of the most successful businesses owned by teenagers. The company repaired computers and the company was worth millions by the time it turned 2 years old.

Dikman already showed the characteristics of a great businessman right from an early age.

His main source of income is his original company called CoolTronics which would go on to earn over $3.5 million.

Tyler Dikman’s Career

Dikman started his career from a very early age, from the age of five he would mow lawns and sell lemonade from lemonade stands from his home.

From then on, he started his own company at the age of 15. He also performed magic at an early age and charged a rather hefty $25 for a minute of the performance. After this, he started repairing computers and charged $15 for the service.

Apart from this, he worked as Director of Technical Business Operations at Net Power & Light. Later he became Vice President of the social media company he started called Redux.

He is involved in the social media business like Juliette Brindak who is also a self-made millionaire.

From then on he stepped down from VP and became the Business Advisor for the social media company. He also stepped down from the position of CEO from CoolTronic in December 2018 after almost 18 years.

In April 2013, he also started another company called LoungeBuddy which according to him mixes his passion for both business and traveling. In January 2015, he became a mentor at blueprint Hong Kong, a position which he still holds.

Tyler Dikman- Sponsorships, Investments, Approaches

Although the early investments for his company are not known, however, FlickIM his relatively recent venture into the social media website business received an investment of $1.65 million.

Investors may regularly contact him as he is always coming up with new ideas to expand and grow his business.

Similarly, a young entrepreneur may be approached by different firms to advertise their services like teaching them the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur like him.

Tyler Dikman - Assets, Houses, Lifestyle, Charity & Expenses

Although Tyler Dikman is a very successful millionaire with a net worth in the millions he lives a relatively quiet life and shies away from revealing too much of his personal life in the media.

He is a millionaire and is sure to live a lavish lifestyle but he keeps an under the radar personality and rarely reveals his life to the public.

The millionaire is also involved in various charities but has not made them public however, he volunteered at Akilah Institute.

Tyler Dikman’s Personal Life: Age, Education & Relationship

Tyler Dikman was born in the early 1980s and as of 2019, he is in his late 30s or early 40s.

He belongs to white ethnicity and is American by nationality. As for his education, he attended Jesuit High School and graduated in 2002. In 2006, he earned a BSc Degree in Management in 2006.

Dikman is a public figure but maintains a very low key personality, there is no information about his relationships and love affairs in the media.

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